Vermin on the Mount: Rolf to read in LA, Dec. 3rd

I’m still in Australia at the moment, but in a couple weeks I’ll be passing through Los Angeles, where I’ll performing at Vermin on the Mount in Chinatown on Sunday, December 3rd.

The latest installment in this irreverent literary-readings series, organized and MC’d by LA writer Jim Ruland, will also feature journalist Daniel Hernandez, filmmaker Theresa Duncan, and essayist/fiction writer Stephan Clark. The event takes place at The Mountain, which is located at 473 Gin Ling Way in the pedestrian plaza between Hill and Broadway in Chinatown. According to Vermin organizers,

…the fun typically starts at 7 pm with readings getting underway around 8 pm and lasting as long as they last. Vermin on the Mount is always free, but if you don’t tip the batenders, we’ll find other ways of making you pay.

For more information, check out the Vermin on the Mount blog here.

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