Vagabonding with children

Some of us have vagabonging etched so tightly into our DNA it could be considered a heritable trait. I certainly plan on introducing any children that I would have to a lifestyle of frequent travel. I plan to sling my would be cublings across my back and walk into the world with them. But could it really be that easy?

While in Morocco, I met a woman in Fes who was vagabonding with her 2 year old son. They had been on the road for 8 months. I was impressed that she’d not only taken her young son on the road so early, but that she had sustained her travels for such a long time. They had little songs and dances for such things as brushing your teeth and putting on your socks and shoes. Their days were slower, more deliberate, and maybe a little more organized. Theirs was a system that really worked, and one that they both seemed to truly enjoy.

I’ve often wondered what will be the best way. Should vagabonding parents wait until their children are a little older to introduce them to the road? At least until they’re out of the Terrible Twos? Or should they hit the road as early as possible?

I’ve seen families backpacking with toddlers in parts of Central America, Africa, and even the US. With the significant community of people who are passionate about travel, vagabonding families are perhaps a swift growing community.

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5 Responses to “Vagabonding with children”

  1. Scott Says:

    After my RTW trip there were some people who say “I’d love to do that, but you know, with the children and all…”. I always send them some links to blogs of families who are travelling long-term (or have done so), usually with a varied number of children and ages. Just to show them that their children don’t have to be the reason they can’t go out and see the world for a long period of time.

  2. Paul Says:

    We are currently saving for a RTW with our 3 children aged 13, 10, and 5. I have taken the oldest on short backpacking trips to Morocco, Ecuador, and Guatamala for many reasons including trying to instill an early sense of adventure in them, for exposure to amazing/varied cultures etc., and for some good parent child bonding that we dont always get at home.

    So far it has worked out well, our idea for the rtw was to wait for them to be old enought to remember many of the expereinces they will have, practically to be able to carry their own packs, and for our situation we need the extra time to save for the big adventure.

    We can’t wait and I have had nothing but positive expereinces to date by travelling with my children.

  3. Kat Says:

    We’re on board, and ready to travel with our 18 month old son to Central America. Any tips related to 1) what to do about diapers? 2) Do we bring a light weight stroller or just a carrier (like the Ergo) 3) long bus rides 4) safe dairy products (milk for bottles).. any other things that come to mind. Thanks.