Vagabonding Field Report: Coasting through Philadelphia’s Tall Ship Festival

This week I spent time at a Philadelphia festival for tall ships. Walking above and below decks filled me with awe as I visited a variety of tall ships. Some of these tall ships were over a century old while others are brand new.

The festival starts with all the ships sailing into Philadelphia’s waterfront entering the city like conquering heroes to the cheers of thousands of people. I was luckily enough to get to … Read more »

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A vagabond’s relationship with work

shutterstock_173535041Perhaps you’ve found yourself, sitting in a cubicle pecking out reports for your boss, longing to be on a secluded beach in some far corner of the world. You go home from work and pull out your atlas and dream of Mai Thais and the sound of waves crashing on the shore. You turn the page and can almost smell the aromas of the market as … Read more »

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Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in Rosedale, Mississippi

Last month, while I was driving down the Mississippi River on a magazine assignment, I had a curious experience in Rosedale, Mississippi. As I was eating lunch in a place called Leo’s Market, a waitress mentioned that Rosedale is the place where the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in exchange for musical genius (an event alluded to in — among other places — the Cohen brothers’ movie Oh Brother, Where … Read more »

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Vagabonding: How adventurers and stories inspire the modern traveler

Vagabonding-wholeToday, there’s a Facebook group for just about everything. Full-time families, digital nomads, long-term travelers, family travelers, solo travelers and everyone in between have a footprint in the digital world. Just how drastically the Internet has changed a traveler’s adventure we will never know, but, whether you are a traveler of the WIFI generation or one from those that came before, the art of adventure hasn’t … Read more »

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How to give ethically after a disaster

The travel community is truly one of the most giving I know of. Most people who travel do so because they recognize how much our world has to offer. We want to connect. We want to help. We may not always have lots of money, but we do have very big hearts.


When tragedy strikes, as it most recently has in Nepal, there is … Read more »

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