Vagabonding Field Report: The Czech Republic

Cost/day: $40
What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen lately?
The Ossuary in Brno. This place is located on an unassuming street, between pubs and shops. You walk down a flight of stairs from the street and suddenly you are in an underground skeleton cave. The walls are stacked with real human bones. There is a feeling of creepiness, respect, and “no big deal” because it’s the Czech Republic and this kind of thing is normal.
Describe a typical day:
My boyfriend is Czech, so I have the privilege of having my own personal tour guide. We spent time in Prague, Pardubice, and Brno. In the morning we would eat Czech cake or bread with cheese and salami. We rode our bikes around town, stopping for snacks and beer. We saw castles, an animal sanctuary, lakes, historical war sites, and many pubs. Some days we would take a train to the next town to visit his friends or family. We spent a lot of time walking. It’s very hot in the summer so by the end of the day you are very ready for bed.
Describe an interesting conversation you had with a local:
“Dobry den! Czlzzch sleetsay zzzz ano dzz zzz lkjsadflkj pivo dobry!” Or something like that. Actually, I am trying to learn the language. Surprisingly, many people don’t (or won’t) speak English in the Czech, so my conversations with locals are limited to polite greetings and talking about colors and objects around me. Czechs speak in very quick tongue-twisters.
What do you like about where you are? Dislike?
I really love the Czech Republic. The people are interesting and the country is beautiful. Food and beer are cheap. There are lots of beautiful parks and nothing felt overly-touristy. The lack of air-conditioning can be a little uncomfortable in the summer months. But my main dislike is the Caraway seeds. I hate them and they are in almost every Czech food I come across.
Describe a challenge you faced:
Picking those stupid Caraway seeds out of everything. It can also be a little challenging getting around on your own because there are not many signs in English.
What new lesson did you learn?
As we all probably know, Czechs love their beer. One thing I learned though, is that you have to pour the beer in such a way that you are left with a cup full of foam. Then you wait for it to settle, and it tastes even better. If a Czech receives a beer with little or no foam, they have the “right” to throw it at the bartender. According to my boyfriend 😉
Where next?
Next I’m looking at going to Alaska or Costa Rica. I’m in the US for the next few months so I would like to go somewhere that doesn’t involve a huge time change. More travels here!

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