Vagabonding Field Report: Thailand

Cost/day: $25
What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen lately?
The fire shows that happen every night on Koh Phi Phi Don were crazy. And the partying. People are jumping ropes that are on fire, juggling fire, and swallowing fire.
Describe a typical day:
We spent two weeks traveling around Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and the Phi Phi Islands. Some days we rented a motor bike and rode out to the mountains, others we hiked around and swam in the ocean, and others we took trains and tuk tuks out to some temples. We went on a couple of long boat excursions, went snorkeling, and some days went shopping. We ate Pad Thai and Morning Glory (water spinach) for almost every meal. At night we would drink a Chang on the beach and look at the stars.
Describe an interesting conversation you had with a local:  
Everyone was pretty friendly and helpful when I was there. One person gave me a ride in to town on the back of his motorcycle when I was lost and had no other way to get there and insisted that I didn’t owe him any money after the ride. It wasn’t so much a conversation as it was a local just being a nice person to a tourist for nothing in exchange.
What do you like about where you are? Dislike?
I think that Thailand is beautiful and the people are really friendly. I love the food. Things are cheap and there is plenty of fun activities to keep you busy. If you’re able to get away from the crowds you can see some of the most amazing beaches and there are tons of stars in the sky at night. You can get a massage for an hour for about $10. My dislike would be how crowded and polluted it can be in the tourist areas.
Describe a challenge you faced:
For me it was kind of terrifying riding on the back of a motorbike in the city of Chiang Mai. My boyfriend drove, and I constantly felt like we may get ran off the road or hit by one of the many forms of transportation speeding down the highways. Also, one night in Koh Phi Phi Don we realized that there was a family of mice sleeping in our mattress, and it was too late to find another place to stay. That was a bit of a challenge.
What new lesson did you learn?
I learned that I need to go back to South East Asia and spend a long time traveling around, two weeks is not nearly enough.
Where next?
Next month I am (hopefully) going to Brazil for a photography job! More here.

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  2. Ted Beatie Says:

    Great photos!

  3. bluelotus Says:

    Great report and amazing photos for sure!
    Keep up the journeying 🙂
    P.S. What camera do you use?

  4. christy parry Says:

    Thank you!! It’s the canon 5d mark2 🙂