Vagabonding Case Study: Ayngelina Brogan


Ayngelina Brogan

Age: 32

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Quote: “The best way to understand a culture is through its food.

How did you find out about Vagabonding, and how did you find it useful? A good friend of mine, Liz, recommended it on her blog:, I fell in love with the book. None of the advice was new or revolutionary but it really inspired me. The one line that really struck me was the buddhist reference: We see as we are.
What is your job or source of travel funding for this journey? I work as an Account Director at an advertising agency and I’ve been saving for the last 12-14 months for this trip. Having worked for 10 years I was fortunate to have a good salary, but it is also just as hard to walk away from.
Do you plan to work on the road? No plans although if a good opportunity presented itself I would pursue it. Unfortunately unlike the many designers and web developers planning, there doesn’t seem to be much need for a freelance advertising strategist.
What was the reaction of your friends/family/colleagues as you planned your trip? Wholeheartedly supportive of my decision. I’ve traveled all of my adult life and everyone knows it’s a passion of mine.  Not everyone understand it and some express concerns  for my safety but that is typical. My mother is very worried for me but also excited that I’m pursuing a dream.
Any tips or lessons learned from the travel-preparation process? It’s impossible to plan accommodations, tours, and other details for an entire year but you still want to be prepared. I didn’t want to carry guidebooks so I started bookmarking sites on so that when I enter a country I can simply search through my database of the best places to stay and what to see. More information can be found here:
How long do you hope to spend on the road? At least a year on the road. A friend who has traveled through Central and South America said it would cost about $1000 a month so I saved $20,000 just to be safe. I plan to travel until the money runs out.
Which destinations do you hope to visit? Traveling overland from Mexico, through Central America and the West Coast of South America, but also including Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. I’m also really interested in India and Mongolia but that depends on so many factors.
Which experiences are you most looking forward to? Hands down the food. I think you best understand a culture through its food and I plan to eat my way through many cultures.
What are you packing for the journey? I’ve attempted to pack lightly as I know I’ll pick things up along the way. In addition to the typical things you see on a list I’m also bringing a netbook and my DSLR camera. When I travel my photos are often the only souvenirs I take and they are my most prized possession. Oh but unlike many travelers I will not be bringing a phone and no iPhone as I need to be a bit disconnected.
Do you have any worries or concerns about the journey? I have the usual concerns about being robbed or being lonely, it’s likely one or both will happen but it won’t ruin my trip.
How can we best follow your adventures? My website is I’m also on flickr (ayngelina), Twitter @ayngelina, Delicious (ayngelina), Facebook (Ayngelina). I’m fortunate to have an unusual spelling of my name!

Email: Twitter: ayngelina Website:

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