Vagablogging gets a nod from

The latest Editor’s Choice column at just gave me (and this blog) one of my best reviews of the year. “Award-winning travel writer Rolf Potts’ blog is smart, funny, and original,” writes Jennifer Anmuth, “and his connected website of stories and photos is a wealth of inspiration and ideas to get you going on your next trip. Plus, Potts mentions up-and-coming travel writers and posts timely news about travel destinations. Potts is arguably the best, and most consistent, individual travel writer/blogger on the web.”

Many thanks for that, Jennifer, and welcome to all of you who are finding me through Frommers!

Elsewhere in the editorial, Anmuth expounds on what makes for a good travel blog. “Maybe it’s the wanna-be-spy in me,” she says, “but the best part of discovering a good blog is the sense that you’re reading insider information. If a blog’s any good, it will make you feel like you’re reading your coolest friend’s diary. Of course, most of our real-life acquaintances don’t have the time or money to travel all the time, so who else can we turn to for unique, up-to-date travel advice besides a blogger? Point being: I like to hear an author’s voice in a blog — after all, that’s what makes a blog truly different from an edited magazine article, newspaper column, or guide book.”

Jen Leo’s Written Road is mentioned alongside Vagablogging — and Gridskipper, Travel Post, TravelBlog, BootsnAll, National Parks Traveler,,, and get props as well. Full article online here.

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