Used-car celebration: An expedition sendoff at Land Rover HQ


[DATW director Nick Baggarly receives an expedition “mascot” at the Land Rover sendoff in Irvine, California.]

In all my years of traveling, I have never before been treated to a sendoff that involves a press conference and a cheering crowd. Never before have I worn a crisp khaki uniform and been introduced as a

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2 Responses to “Used-car celebration: An expedition sendoff at Land Rover HQ”

  1. JasonY Says:

    Good luck Rolf! Looking forward to reading your posts from the road. Don’t forget to teach your cohorts Egyptian Rat Race.

  2. James Norris Says:

    Sounds like a great expedition!! best of luck on your travels!

    How much is the budget for such a trip? I imagine pretty high?