Unusual packing items

Vagabonders can be masters of packing methods, as well as knowing which items are absolutely necessary and which can be left behind. Recently, a Lifehacker article (Unusual Items Worth Packing on your Next Vacation) suggests some additional things to consider stashing in your bag before your next big trip.

Some of the items are somewhat old-hat, such as keeping a color copy of your passport in your bag, as well as duct tape. Others, like split key rings to use as locking devices, and baby powder to help get unwanted sand off your feet (see also: shower), may make you think about other uses for common items that are worth adding them to your packing list.

Do you have a tried-and-true unusual item that you always bring along? What is it, and how does it enhance your travel experience?

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  2. mikala Says:

    I take a collapsible (dogs) water bowl to soak my aching feet after a long day walking. They cost a few dollars at the pet store.

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  5. BC Says:

    Packing is one of the most important aspects of going on your vacation. If you forget something important, your trip could end up being inconvenient and short. If you bring to much when you travel your bags will be awkward and it will cost you to much leaving less money for your trip and inconveniencing you. Berkshire Concepts would like to offer you some tips on packing smarter not harder when you are planning your next vacation. If you want to make the most of your vacations, make it right from the beginning by packing smart with Berkshire Concepts.
    Berkshire Concepts Packing Tips

    Make A List – The most important thing. If you are not sure what you have already packed you may not realize what you have and have not remembered. Likewise if you just start randomly throwing things in your bag because you “might” need them, you are going to run out of space to soon. The best way to resolve this problem is to make a list. Start early and write things down as you remember them. In addition, check them off as you put them in your bag.

    Bring Only Necessities – Knowing what to expect from your destination can help you with this part of packing. If you are going to a tropical climate, you will not need a winter coat, though you may want one sweater in case it is chilly at night. Bring just enough and save room for special treats in your bags on the way home.

    Use As Few Bags As Possible And Share With Those You Are Traveling With – If you pack just carry ons, you wont have to worry about your baggage getting lost. However, if you must pack a bag to be checked, see if your friends will split up clothing with you. By doing this, if one bag gets lost, you will both have some clothes.
    Berkshire Concepts Welcomes Your Tips

    If you have your own tips that you use when packing and you would like to share them with us, Berkshire Concepts welcomes you to offer your own tips and advice on travel. In the mean time, enjoy all Berkshire Concepts’s tips on travel and travel planning for you. Be an informed traveler and know before you go, these and other tips on travel.

  6. carlos moore Says:

    double sided velcro tape. comes in 1 and 3 inch wide strips up to several feet. a couple good pieces and you’ll find a million uses. check out Home Depot.