“Uncharted territory” has taken on new meanings

“Our world harbors an uncharted territory, no longer white spaces on the map but black spaces, erected by political terrorism, defended not by insurmountable chains of mountains and impenetrable jungle, but by dogma, blood-lust and modern weapon technology, all of which are again closing the doors our curiosity had opened. But there are other countries inaccessible only a moment ago, which are opening up once more. The Earth is born again and crying out to be discovered, but the greatest illusion of our time lies in the name it has afforded itself; the age of information.”
–Carsten Jensen, I Have Seen the World Begin (1996)

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  1. Miles The Wandering Chihuahua Says:

    Hmmmm….. Fascinating little clip there. I wonder what he means in the last sentence. Does he mean that in this day and age we are still uninformed? That even though we have constant media pouring into our lives from every corner of the globe that we still don’t really know what’s going on until we’ve been there? Or does he mean that there is too much information? I guess I’ll have to just read it and find out. Thanks Henry. Add one more book to the list!