Twitter for Vagabonds

If you spend any time online you’ve probably already heard of Twitter, right?

If not, it is what’s known as a ‘micro blogging’ service, letting you update your followers with all manner of tweets (there’s a whole new Twitter-based vocabularly you’ll get used to).

The real power of Twitter however is the conversation – or twitversation – that it enables.

For instance, I wanted recommendations for a route to take when I move on from the Garden Route to Cape Town next week. I asked my twitter buds on Twitter who duly obliged with a number of suggestions and ‘must sees’ en route. And that’s not all…you can get updates on the weather, queues at airports, organise tweet-ups on location and more from the Twitterverse.

The real benefit of Twitter therefore comes from its ability to help you connect with people all over the world which, when you think about it, is one powerful tool for vagabonds.

Here’s how you get started:

1 – Sign up for an account here.
2 – Start following people you already know (I’m here)
3 – Communicate and engage with your twitter buds using @ to tweet to individuals (e.g. if you want to say hi to me, you’d type — @leawoodward Hi there, Lea! –)

Is anyone else on Twitter?

Posted by | Comments (4)  | June 26, 2008
Category: Notes from the collective travel mind

4 Responses to “Twitter for Vagabonds”

  1. João Almeida Says:

    I haven’t traveled properly since I’ve been using Twitter more intensely, but I bet it’s a fine way to keep kind of a travel blog, because you can update it from so many ways (like sending text messages from the cellphone)

  2. Claudine Says:

    I am looking forward to connecting with more travelers. I’m