Tsunami update: Sri Lanka needs tourists (and volunteers)

Though it’s been several months since the tsunami hit Asia, the recovery continues. Here is a recent travel report from vagabonder Wendy Wrangham, who is visiting Sri Lanka:

I drove down to Galle from Colombo yesterday morning, and the wave seems so unbelievably arbitrary in who/what it hit. Next door to each other are the foundations of a house (all that remains) and next door, a house still fully standing. Boats still lie broken on the side of the road, the train carriages are being kept by the track as some sort of macabre memorial, and today is the three-month anniversary. Yesterday was Puya, the full moon holiday (it was Puya when the wave hit on Dec 26th too) so all is very subdued here at the moment and there is no relief work (that I can help with) going on today. So, I have two days off before going into Project Galle which is located inside Galle Fort.

There are press and aid workers everywhere, UNICEF and Red Cross have the most amazing buildings in town as HQ buildings. There are also individuals here helping — who people say get more done, as their hands (read: money) aren’t tied by bureaucracy. I met one who I hope to help out with some press release/PR bits to promote tourism and get people back down here. The beach I’m staying at, Unawatuna (very lyrical name) is about 4km from Galle, and there are guesthouses, restaurants and even nightclubs (The Pink Elephant) open. The beach is incredible, and there is no one on it.

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