Trip leader positions with LeapNow and Where There Be Dragons

Are you interested in experiential education and love to teach and travel? Two organizations, LeapNow and Where There Be Dragons have employment opportunities leading trips around the world to places such as Central America, South America, India and Africa. You would be leading small groups of students and teaching such principles as integrity, cross-cultural exploration, mind and body cultivation, social skills and communication, and the acquisition of practical skills. You must already have experience and knowledge on the countries you will be traveling to and also be proficient in the language. If you qualify, it is sure to be a demanding but ultimately satisfying position.
If you have these following qualifications, this might be the job for you:
  • Experience leading groups.
  • Experience coaching youth through personal and spiritual crisis.
  • Experience working with teens and young adults.
  • Work, study or travel in the relevant geographic region.
  • Proficiency in Spanish for the South America position.
  • A basic knowledge of Hinduism and Buddhism for the India position.
  • Experience with a spiritual practice.
  • Certificates in adult CPR and Wilderness First Aid prior to training.

Keep in mind that LeapNow will not accept applications from those under 25 years old and the average age of instructors for Where There Be Dragons is 29 years old.

For more information, visit the employment opportunities page for Where There Be Dragons here and for information on LeapNow, visit here.

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