Travelistic offers a world of videos

Travelistic is the new YouTube for travelers. With over 4,800 videos uploaded, it’s easy to watch the daily moments of travel, the normal rhythms and routines of life, experienced through different eyes in unique lands.

Val’s mouth watering South Indian breakfast of idli (rice dumpling) with spicy vegetable soup and masala chai will set any desk-bound traveler’s taste buds aflame.

Most every traveler can relate to Renee’s journey across the Thailand-Cambodia border, with hours of waiting, confusion at border crossings, buses that won’t start, and of course the internal debate on whether or not a bus is a “scam bus” set to deposit its passengers at a specific hotel late in the night. Her video will reveal whether or not she was “taken for a ride”:

From following a guide through the narrow streets of Fes, Morocco to a tour of a Los Angeles eco-village, the world is only a few mouse clicks away.

Incredible views of Antarctica are close at hand, though there are a lot of videos that are less than riveting. One clip, only 13 seconds long, merely shows a bored passenger suffering through a layover at LAX. Definitely something every traveler can sympathize with.

Not only does Travelistic help a viewer daydream, it also helps one reminisce of cultures and festivals past. Every time one traveler forgot a video camera, someone else remembered it. Travelistic is the ultimate home-video exchange for travelers.

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