Traveling with non-US, non-EU passports: Where there is a will there is a way

Unfortunately, it’s easier for some to vagabond than others; border control is one of the main obstacles for some people.

I often get emails from Asian nationalities asking me about vagabonding visa issues. This is something Americans and Europeans hardly have to worry about as in majority of places they don’t need a tourist visa or they get one on arrival.

As an Indian, I need a visa to enter practically any country (except perhaps Jamaica and Thailand!). When I get one, it’s normally for a specific number of days. So unfortunately, it’s not easy to just take off and wander the world.

It is possible though. It’s a painful process of planning and paperwork, but it’s possible.

Living abroad is a whole new ballgame. I first wanted to take-off to live in Costa Rica. Dubai (where I was living at the time) had no embassy, so I had to apply in India. It has been about 2 years, my visa is still processing.

So when that plan went down the drain, it didn’t mean I couldn’t do what I wanted, it just meant I had to re-plan. I looked at what I wanted: Spanish language and Latin immersion. And I landed up Spain.

I have been hopping around the country for the last 15-months. But am constantly fighting a lot of bureaucracy and red tape to be here long term; it’s the price you pay to make it happen.

You’ve just got to not let anything stop you, and do it. It’s easier to make excuses, blame the system and stay put, but where there is a will there is a way. Always.

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One Response to “Traveling with non-US, non-EU passports: Where there is a will there is a way”

  1. Guru Says:

    Wow! I was looking for such a post. As an Indian, and want-to-be-a-vagabonder, I am running into such issues. But I hope to still do it, and blog about it, soon.

    Do you blog about this in detail or plan to ? Would help a lot of people.