Travel writing advice in Transitions Abroad

I have a column about travel writing in the current issue of Transitions Abroad. Entitled Advice to Travel Writers: Make Travel Itself Your First Priority, it’s an updated version of the travel writing advice I posted on the Writers page some years ago. The ten basic points of advice are the same as before:

1. Travel a lot.
2. Write a lot.
3. Read a lot.
4. Don’t quit your day job.
5. Read up on the trade.
6. Surf up on the trade.
7. Research your destination.
8. Research your markets.
9. Be patient.
10. Nurture your passion.

Elsewhere in the July/August issue of Transitions Abroad, is listed along with Bootsnall, World Hum, Planeta, and as one of the magazine’s “Web Picks for 2004”.

As usual, Transitions Abroad is packed with practical advice for the long-term independent traveler (as well as students and overseas job-seekers). An article from the June issue I found particularly interesting (given my forthcoming foray into the Spanish language) was Curtis West’s Learning Language Faster.

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