Travel Web site World Hum partners with the Travel Channel to publish more and better content

Congratulations to our friends over at, “the best darn travel Web site, period” (–the South Florida Sun-Sentinel). They’ve just teamed up with the Travel Channel; meaning more opportunities for them, and more of their already outstanding content for us.

For those (likely few) of you who haven’t heard of the site, World Hum is and has been for years the Web’s best travel magazine, publishing travel narratives, an excellent travel blog and a sort of travelers’ Dear Abby with some guy named Rolf. Naturally, World Hum is a hub of the travel writing community. But it’s a must-read for all other travelers, too.

Now that the formerly-independent World Hum is on board with one of the giants of travel media, though, what’s next for them? By way of breaking the good news yesterday, editors Michael Yessis and Jim Benning posted this:

As for us, we’re not going anywhere. Thanks to the Travel Channel’s commitment, we’ll edit the site full-time, publishing the kinds of stories you’ve come to expect from World Hum. In fact, we’re going to publish more of them. You’ll see some changes to the site in the months to come. We’re going to experiment with audio, video and other ways to tell travel stories.

No complaints here (though I hope they watched “Wayne’s World” before they signed…). For more on the change, see Michael’s interview with Budget Travel Online here, or the Travel Channel’s press release here. Congratulations again, World Hum. I don’t think I’m speaking for just myself when I say we’re looking forward to reading World Hum 2.0.

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  1. Perr Says:

    Funny one, I guess I have to do some travel then!