Travel teaches us to be better hosts

“What we learn of the world is never simply a result of how often or how far we travel. It is just as intimately related to how sincerely we receive strangers amongst us.”
–Erve Chambers, “Can the Anthropology of Tourism Make us Better Travelers?”, NAPA Bulletin 23 (2005)

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2 Responses to “Travel teaches us to be better hosts”

  1. Phil Harvey Says:

    I just found your site today by linking from “The Art of Writing a Story about Walking Across Andora,” posted on, which I just discovered today by noticing the URL in “The Best American travel Writing: 2004,” which I just bought today because I’m trying to go to Ghana for at least four months with the intention of making that the start of at least a year spent abroad in which I hope to write and be published.

    I’m excited about both sites and your book (which I plan on purchasing soon). And I’m inspired by the larger-than-I-expected network of resort-averse travelers that I am slowly uncovering simply by looking.

    I’ve been referring to to the vauge notion of what I want to do as “globe-trotting,” and “not-tourism.” I’m begining to think, however, that I might be a vagabond.

    Here’s to starting by recieving the strangers amongst us. Cheers.

  2. Rolf Says:

    Cheers, Phil!