Travel insurance for vagabonding journeys

Many travel insurance policies are based on short-term or group travel, so I figured I’d expound here about insurance for long-term, independent travel. After all, accidents can happen, and an evacuation can cost upwards of $30,000 is some parts of the world. There are lots of coverage options available — and insurance terms can be complicated — so be sure (beyond the advice I offer here) to ask your insurance representative lots of questions when shopping for a policy, so as to ensure that the terms suit your specific needs.

That said, the first place to start when arranging travel insurance is your present insurance company. Often, your existing health insurance policy applies overseas, and emergency medical/evacuation can be added on.

In the event emergency medical and evacuation aren’t available through your existing policy, there are plenty of travel insurance specialists to choose from. Insurance Services of America, for example, provides a variety of flexible insurance plans for trips ranging from two weeks to four years. Coverage varies according to age. For age 29 and under, for example, $50,000 in medical coverage can be as low as $24 a month (the high end — $1 million in medical coverage — costs $60 a day). All ISA policies include medical evacuation, repatriation, emergency reunion, trip cancellation, trip interruption, and 24-hour worldwide assistance.

Specialty Risk International offers a plan for independent travelers, called “Liaison International“. Coverage ranges from $50,000 to $1 million in medical, and evacuation is a standard benefit with any plan. Prices are $34-$55 per month based on a $250 deductible. You have the option of choosing your own deductible through SRI (raising the deductible, of course, will lower the premium, and vice versa). An additional company to inquire with is, which has an “ExPatriot Plus” plan that can work for vagabonders.

Beyond health, many travel insurers also offer on-the-road property insurance, in the event your luggage goes astray (though, ideally, you will be traveling light and not be lugging expensive items to begin with).

[My thanks to Julie Ann Baker for helping me compile this information Stateside!]

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