Travel contest: where in the world did Santa find your new socks?

This holiday season, Where Am I Wearing? is holding the First Annual Where are YOU Wearing Christmas Inventory Contest of Destiny – to enter, all you have to do is submit a list of the clothes you receive as gifts this Christmas, along with the names of the countries where they were made.

Where Am I Wearing? chronicles Kelsey Timmerman’s quest to find out about the countries his favorite clothes come from. He’s traveled to Honduras (t-shirt), Cambodia (blue jeans), Bangladesh (boxers) and more, and the site covers everything from his travels, updates on a book-in-progress, and news, video, or other tidbits about the garment industry (factory conditions, child labor and that sort of thing).It’s an interesting mix, a nice balance between wacky quest, humor (the “jingle these” boxers are genius) and some serious content.

There are prizes to be had if you submit the details of your Christmas haul. Winners in both categories (The You Are a Spoiled Brat, You Should Feel Guilty Award will go to the entrant who receives the most clothing; The Where The Heck Is That Award will go to an entrant who receives a gift from a country that no one else lists) will get to choose from a list of books, including Vagabonding. So if you don’t already have a copy, throw your hat (and t-shirt, and socks, and sweater) into the ring!

Full details on the contest are here – and good luck! I don’t think I’ll be much competition. My mom gave up on buying me clothes years ago, during my angry sixteen-year-old Courtney Love phase…

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