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Most online activity amongst traveling youth is restricted to the US or Europe. It is not common to find vagabonding adventurers 1) who are Indian, 2) in India, 3) Indians in India. So when I found a really cool initiative born in India that involves traveling and making a difference, I was excited and had to share it.

The first thing you see in their promotional video is Che Guevara’s famous quote: “Let the world change you, and then you can change the world.” This road-trip across India for change seems to have been born from this idea.

Put together by a small group of Bits Pilani students based in India, under the banner of YoFa (short for Youth Factor), a program called “Grassroutes” has been launched. Under this program, YoFa is looking for 6 teams of 4-6 people (each) to travel for 10-days in India. On their travels, they are expected to try and understand the local problems in the area, find the grassroot level change-makers, and bring back their stories as inspiration that will spread awareness and help change. Best said on their blog: “We believe that a dose of inspiration combined with the energy of the youth can actually make a few dents in the universe. Grassroutes is just an effort to bring the two together.”

The route is pre-defined and team applications are now open. Unfortunately you have to apply in a team, and have to be under 25. Although India based, it does not say that you need to be a resident in India to apply. But I imagine if you are not, your commitment to their cause will have to be more than evident.

Applications have to be submitted by November 15, results will be announced by November 25. The trip will take place in December (2008). All trip expenses will be covered. You will be expected to take photos and video on the trip, which later, a production team will help you put together to get a message out.

For full details, check out their Q&A section here.

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  1. Sujan P Says:

    I want to know more about Indian culture, and there festivals, the tourist places, and many more, so am looking forward to tour India and I want more details like were to stay and how to travel across the country. Any answer from the bloggers??