To take life for granted is to take life away

“Realizing that you will die greatly clarifies your vision of life, and stimulates opportunities for making the vision real. To take anything for granted is to de-energize it. If you can’t feel your own miraculousness, you are missing the quintessential experience of life.”
–Ed Buryn, Vagabonding in the USA (1980)

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2 Responses to “To take life for granted is to take life away”

  1. Andrea Anko Says:

    I really like this quote! I have found it to be true. One reaches a “certain age” Be it 30 or 40 or whatever and suddenly the realization hits. You won’t be here indefinitely. Pick something, anything to get passionate about, to get really good at. Narrow in on your dreams, prioritize now. Time is slipping away and you won’t get another chance. Not in this lifetime anyway!

  2. Gabrielle Gero Says:

    Honestly, if you can lay on your death bed without looking back and saying oh i was so stupid for sitting around doing absolutle nothing that day, then you have a problem, you should do whatever you can with your life, while you have the time. You never know when life will be taken away.