Time is your only possession (and you were born rich)

“To our so-called modern way of thinking, time is money. As a result, we all have very little time. …It’s so expensive that no one can afford much of it. Yet isn’t it curious that the richer you are, the less time you can spare from tending your riches? What’s the catch? Catch-22? Not really, because these time-and-money rules apply only when you play that particular game. By switching to a new game, one which in this case involves vagabonding, time becomes the only possession and everyone is equally rich in it by biological inheritance. (Did you know you were born rich?) Money, of course, is still needed to survive, but time is what you need to live. So, save what little money you possess to meet basic survival requirements, but spend your time lavishly in order to create the life values that make the fire worth the candle.”
–Ed Buryn, Vagabonding in Europe and North Africa (1971)

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