Tidypack: a backpack made for backpackers

I always use a backpack. I prefer it to suitcases and think they are generally easier to travel with. But the one thing that always annoys me is that you have to fill the pack bottom-up and when you need to find something, you usually have to take everything out. With the number of times you have to do this (don’t you feel like you are perpetually packing and unpacking for no good reason?), it is impossible to keep your clothes folded, let alone crease-free and it leaves me feeling like such a mess. I always used to wonder, why can’t all backpacks have a zipper that opens out sideways like a suitcase? It’s really that simple. I don’t dwell on it much, but it does bother me often on the road.

So you can imagine my thrill when I found Tidypack — a backpack with shelves that you can extend handles from and hang over a door. How ingenious is that!!

It allows you to keep your belongings tidy and you can even adjust the weight of your stuff on your back so you don’t injure yourself. It looks like a fairly new product, and the site doesn’t talk about color or show outer appearance, but who cares if it can do all this?! However, priced at about US$430 it’s pretty expensive. Hmmm. I suppose it won’t be long before the price drops.

How come no-one thought of this before?

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