“The vice guide to everything”: brave new travel TV show?

Crime scene tape

Crime scene tape. Photo: Alan Cleaver / Flickr Creative Commons

The underground magazine Vice will be getting its own show on MTV. Magazine founder Shane Smith brings his trademark biting tone, irreverent take on current events, and in-your-face honesty to the small screen. Here’s an article from MTV.com with more details:

‘The Vice Guide to Everything” goes everywhere, because no one else does

True to their word, this program goes to danger zones where other travel shows fear to tread. The cast shoot weapons with rebels in Yemen, hang out with car thieves in the West Bank, and get physical with Brazilian MMA fighters. Brilliant gonzo journalism? Or Westerners trying too hard to be hip and edgy?

Alternet.org had a more critical take of the show: Flippant journeys around the globe with “The Vice Guide to Everything”

You can watch footage from the show here:

The Vice Guide to Everything (Trailer)

Based on that reel, it’s hard to decide whether “Vice Guide” is a revolutionary new show or just “Jackass: International Edition.” What do you think? Please share your opinions in the comments.

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