The perfect travel sandal

Looking for the perfect travel sandal? Something comfortable, durable and able to keep up with you wherever you go?
Check out Chacos, based in Paonia, Colorado. I’ve had a pair for over three years now and they’re still going strong. They are almost the only thing I wear on my feet anymore and I expect them to last many more years.
You can climb mountains in your Chacos. Swim rivers, lakes and oceans. Jump waterfalls. Sky dive. I know it because I’ve done it. They rock.
They start at around $95 (but they last for years) and if they do wear out, you can send them in for repair. Plus, if you happen to lose one Chaco, you can order them individually.
The sandals use a pull-through strap system, a continuous strap that you adjust to fit perfectly to your feet. It’s the next best thing to being barefoot, with the added bonus of having your feet protected.
Chacos is also a company that cares about sustainability. The make products that last. They pay their employees to ride bikes to work. And, you can donate your old Chacos for a 20% discount on a new pair and they clean, restore and donate them to third world countries.
From their website: 
“We live in a world that makes faddish, non-recyclable and non-repairable products. In short, we make garbage. Since 1989, Chaco products have been the gold standard for durability and simplicity. We got our start by creating a product that outlasted the competition—one that could be repaired rather than pitched into a landfill.”
Now that’s refreshing.
Wherever I go, I see Chacos on the feet of many a smiling traveler.  Smiling because their feet are in Chaco heaven.  

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