The people on whose behalf travelers despise America tend to adore America

“For many habitual travelers, hating America is a given. Not just America at home, but the detritus of America abroad. The States are the font of all ignorant interference, all destabilizing of delicate cultures and economies. America is the cause and the symptom of what’s going wrong. Of course the people on whose behalf travel writers feel this righteous ire adore America. They may not care for its alternately tentative and strident foreign policy, its splashing about in the rest of the world like an excited toddler — but they love its baggage. Its films, its music, its clothes, the cigarettes and soft drinks: its sheer profligacy. If you’re poor, the most joyous thing in the world is waste. Well, it would be, wouldn’t it? When it comes to America, I’m with the poor. I just love it.”
–A.A. Gill, AA Gill is Away (2003)

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2 Responses to “The people on whose behalf travelers despise America tend to adore America”

  1. rubin pham Says:

    i don’t like us foreign policy in general. after world war 2, the us engage in genocide more than any other countries while waving the flag of freedom.
    also i don’t like american music such as rap. don’t like american food such as hamburger. don’t like american tendency to be arrogant fools.

  2. MMiller Says:

    I love the US for its awesome geography, from its man-made cities; New York, San Francisco etc to its National Parks and the vast expanses in between!