The life you can save: solutions for making changes

Book cover

Book cover

A lot of vagabonders are hardcore volunteer-ers and, often, tend to be more progressive and liberal with their politics.  This doesn’t mean that anyone who travels is a hippie pinko Commie rat, by any means…just that there tends to be a lot more support for giving your money away rather than saving it like Scrooge McDuck.  (Which is not to say the conservatives or right-wing don’t donate to charity! You do!)

The problem I always have is liberal rag after liberal rag coming up with problem after problem…but no direct solutions on how to fix them.  So there are children dying in Somalia?  How can I help them?  Signing a petition often just won’t do it as much as some unsparing investigation of your spending habits and/or donating time and money to a place that can a) use your donation and b) not use your donation for administrative costs.

Peter Singer’s book “The Life You Can Save” offers ACTUAL suggestions for which charities are looking for donations, which charities actually use the donations effectively, a breakdown of charitable giving and why you should do it, and where you can volunteer.  There is a list of charities that tend to put your money where their mouths are, and actually save the most lives for the least money.

Saving the world one person at a time, really does make a difference.

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2 Responses to “The life you can save: solutions for making changes”

  1. brian Says:

    Conservatives are actually more likely to donate to charity.

  2. Caleb Says:

    Not to get too political, but Brian is right. Conservatives are somewhere near 30% bigger donaters, mostly because of the religious influences of the right vs. left.

    But that aside I’m glad somebody has put in the time to tell us which charities are doing what we expect with our money and not sinking it into administrative costs. It makes me curious which of the big name charities AREN’T featured in the book.