The Drive Around the World expedition is almost home…

Drive Around the World, the international Land Rover expedition I was involved with last year, has almost completed its trans-global journey to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease research. A welcome-home party will be held at the Parkinson’s Institute in Sunnyvale, Calif., a week from today. For the full scoop, read this announcement from DATW director Nick Baggarly:

After 16 months, four continents and countless cans of Red Bull, your LONGITUDE Expedition has some exciting news to share. After reaching the northernmost point of the journey Feb. 5 at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, our Land Rovers turned south and are pointed toward the finish line at the Parkinson

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3 Responses to “The Drive Around the World expedition is almost home…”

  1. justin Says:

    I’m both envious and proud of everyone invloved with the Drive Around the World expedition. I did what I could from home and donated a few extra bucks a couple months ago, but boy would I loved to been involved more with it!

  2. Philip Breisch Says:

    that sounds like an incredible trip. Even to be just a part of it must have been amazing.

  3. Paul Sanchez Says:

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