The bikini babes of the SEMA automobile show


[DATW assistant director Justin Mounts finds himself hard at work at the SEMA auto show]

One of the charms of travel is that it puts you into a variety of different cultural contexts. One day you’ll be hanging out on a beach with backpackers from 13 different countries; the next day you’ll be cruising nightclubs with middle-class locals; the next day you’ll be sharing tea with tribesmen up in the hill country. Sometimes these cultural contexts will live up to your exotic pre-journey expectations (like when I spent the night with a Kurdish family in northeastern Syria); other times they will be exotic in a completely unexpected way (like the time I hung out in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Santa Monica office with an old Thailand travel buddy who had gone on to run Arnold’s political campaign). Whatever the case, these new cultural contexts are always memorable.

At the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas (where the Drive Around the World team spent much of the past week) a time-honored form of cultural exoticism comes in the form of the bikini-clad women who help draw people’s attention to the various auto accessories and promotions. Indeed, bikini babes may be used to promote everything from TV shows to light beer these days, but nowhere in the world (apart from beaches, of course) are they more at home than at auto shows.

It is in the spirit of cultural awareness (and certainly not a cheap ploy on my part to attract more attention to my website by showcasing scantily clad women) that I present the following gallery of “bikini babes” from the floor of the SEMA auto show.

The text link beneath each thumbnail links to a larger pop-up picture of the bikini babes.

Bikini #1: A patriotic ensemble.

Bikini #2: Same patriotism; stars in different place.

Bikini #3: A brown number with heavy-duty buckles.

Bikini #4: A nice floral print.

Bikini #5: Leopard-skin print.

Bikini #6: A brown number without heavy-duty buckles.

Bikini #7: A pastel floral print.

Bikini #8: Black leather (with go-go boots).

Bikini #9: Black cloth with fastening ring.

Bikini #10: Black leather (with leather jacket).

Bikini #11: Black with frilly fringe.

Bikini #12: Black cloth with drawstring.

Bikini #13:


[All bikini photo credits are ©2003 Neil Dana]

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