The Andrus family: they’re back!

The Andrus family is back! After spending a year visiting 31 countries on six continents, the family of two parents and four children (from pre-school to high-school age), are back home in Atlanta trying to readjust to American life and the steamy Atlanta climate.

After an exciting life of traveling the world and appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show in April, staying in one place can be a challenge. Readjustment has been more difficult than anticipated, though the family is looking at each difficulty as a new adventure.

The Andrus family blog Six in the World recounts the daily difficulties of returning home to a house where lightbulbs need changing and cars are virtually a necessity. It also chronicles Tom’s search for a new job upon returning home to learn that his employer of eight and a half years re-organized his job away.

Getting four children ready for a new school year is a challenge for any family. Throw in the difficulties of wrapping up one school year online (finishing classes and taking final exams for the older children) while preparing for the next one (paperwork, doctors and dentists to visit, and of course, back to school shopping), and the family’s life is all that more hectic.

Their blogs of readjustment are particularly fascinating because, while so many travelers post extended volumes on their departure plans (here is the Andrus family preparation), rarely do they recount the difficulties of readjustment back home.

It will be exciting to see what will be next for this amazing family!

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  1. Cliff Says:

    What a great story! I think world travel is the best education kids can get, as well.