Talking travel and literature at Eight Diagrams

A few weeks ago, Wayne Yang of Eight Diagrams interviewed me about my history as a traveler and writer. We managed to cover lots of new ground in the interview, including:

  • How the travel experience was different during my first vagabonding journey in 1994.
  • Why I went to Korea to teach English at age 26.
  • How I didn’t read much travel writing until I become a travel writer.
  • Why the Bible is among my literary-philosophical influences.
  • How the Internet has exponentially enhanced my writing career.
  • Why places that are saddled with reductive stereotypes (like Kansas or the Middle East) are great places to visit.
  • How I got into the full-time freelance travel writing business without a single elite-college credential or publishing-insider connection.
  • Why my home-base is in Kansas, even as I travel to the more exotic corners of the world.

…and much, much more. Yang’s full Rolf interview is online here.

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