Steven McCurdy’s A Year in Italy

A Year in Italy
If you’re attracted to travel writing of a more personal nature, you might be interested in Steven McCurdy’s film A Year in Italy. McCurdy’ film is a 2 disk, 4 hour piece that spans the breadth of his experience in Italy.

Rather than meticulously ticking off must-see destinations and facts about Italy, McCurdy’s film plays like a rolling impressionist piece. More than anything, it is a personal meditation on one man’s experience in Italy – almost a love letter to the country.

The film is loaded with lush colorful imagery that sets quite a romantic tone, bringing the viewer closer to the personal voice of the film. However, McCurdy gives ample time to more sober issues like the ravages of history and the weight of the tidal wave of tourism on the local culture.

The film showcases the unlikely gems found over McCurdy’s slow deliberate movement through Italy. The out-of-the-way, quirky, and unlikely destinations highlighted in the film are the same novelties that pique the interests of many vagabonders.

The film retails for US$34.99 and is available through Questar Entertainment and

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