Special April 2012 fares for multi-stop tickets on BootsnAll

Over at BootsnAll, we like to promote long-term, RTW travel. We hope to inspire others to make their travel dreams come true and take a trip around the world. But a recent article challenged the thought that everyone wants to take a round the world trip.

The author posed an interesting question, “Is RTW travel for everyone?” In this article, she talks about how she doesn’t really want to take a RTW trip and has become an expat instead. She discusses the reasons behind not wanting to travel RTW, and points out the advantages of living abroad instead.

It’s an interesting thought that honestly created a lot of discussion and debate within our company. Is expat living a viable alternative to long-term, RTW travel? A commenter asked if the author should dismiss round the world travel if she’s never done it before.

What do you think? Is RTW travel for everyone? Can one dismiss an entire genre of travel if he or she has never done it? How do you know what you will or won’t like if you’ve never tried it before? Comment below to share your opinions.

If you do decide to throw caution to the wind and travel the world, the first thing you’ll want to look at is airfare. Your options are many, but be sure to keep your eye on different deals around the web. BootsnAll has monthly deals that can take you all over the world, so be sure to check out the following deals, which are good through April 30, 2012:

  • RTW FTW -Chicago – Sydney – Bali (Denpasar) – OVERLAND – Jakarta – Singapore – OVERLAND – Kuala Lumpur – Rangoon / Yangon – Bangkok – Delhi – OVERLAND – Bombay / Mumbai – Johannesburg – Buenos Aires – Montevideo – Rio de Janeiro – Lima – Bogota – New York – Chicago from $5249 plus taxes.
  • Circle the Pacific – Seattle – Sydney – Singapore – Shanghai – Beijing – Seattle from $2599 plus taxes.
  • India, Egypt, Africa, Europe – New York – Delhi – OVERLAND – Bombay / Mumbai – Cairo – Nairobi – London – New York from $2549 plus taxes.

If you are looking for something a little different in your round the world trip, then start planning your trip of a lifetime with our RTW trip planner And don’t forget to sign up for BootsnAll’s RTW newsletter, delivering special deals, RTW trip planning advice, and resources via email every single month. We also have a Facebook fan page and Twitter page, so be sure to like and follow those to keep up to date on all your RTW travel needs.

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