Some glimpses of Central America


[Above: A tricked out commuter bus in Panama City]

It’s been almost a month since I finished my transit through Central America, but I did want to share some photos of the experience. Each text link below pops into its own window containing the picture described.

Right now I’m in Cusco, Peru, getting ready to head to Chile. Check the DATW blog for a general idea of what’s been going on with our expedition in South America.

Flowers at the beautiful volcanic Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Old men relaxing in the village of Santiago de Atitlan, Guatemala

The market at Santiago de Atitlan, Guatemala

An old Mayan woman selling wares in the Antigua, Guatemala market

DATW team members entertaining the locals at the Guatemala-El Salvador border

Sunset at Sunzal beach, near La Libertad, El Salvador

Kids diving into the river at the El Salvador-Honduras border

Kids at the Honduras-Nicaragua border

A colonial building in Granada, Nicaragua

Sunset over the city of Granada, Nicaragua

A cute kid in Granada

Butterfly at Mombacha Volcanic Reserve, Nicaragua

Chanda Baggarly playing jacks with kids at the Nicaragua-Costa Rica border

DATW Land Rover parked with safari tent at Nosara Beach, Costa Rica

Making way for cattle on the road in Costa Rica

The streets of Panama City’s Old Town

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