Slots in my Paris creative writing class are still available!

I recently received word that the slots in my Creative Writing Workshop this July at the Paris American Academy are about half full. The application deadline is April 30th (or when all slots have been filled), and you can request an application by sending a query to:

Since six hours of academic credit will be available, I’m hoping to promote the Paris course at individual colleges and universities in addition to the online realm. If you attend or work at (or have access to) a college or university, please send me an email, and I’ll send you a printable Paris Workshop flyer to post or distribute at your school.

Or, to make things even easier, you can download a printable Paris Workshop flyer by clicking here.

Posted by | Comments (4)  | March 31, 2005
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4 Responses to “Slots in my Paris creative writing class are still available!”

  1. Rolf Says:

    I forgot to mention that the course is also open to late-term high school students who have the skills and maturity to handle the month-long Paris course.

    Thus, I’m happy to send the flyer pdf to interested high school teachers and students as well!

  2. Georgina Hulett Says:

    I have tried contacting the course using the info email, but have yet had no reply, is there any other way i can get in contact?
    thank you.

  3. Julia Sundin Says:

    Do you have any slots in your creative writing courses from mid May until say the second week in June? I would appreciate a reply, I have clicked May and June on your website, but nothing happens. Juju Sundin (Sydney)

  4. Rolf Potts Says:

    Hi Julia — I’m afraid my creative writing courses in Paris are only available in July. Please visit for more information.