“Seven wonders of the architecture world” announced

Architecture fans take note—Conde Nast Traveler selects the “new seven wonders of the architecture world” in its April issue.

The magazine introduces its picks with:

“This year’s class of wondrous structures are responsible, variously, for transforming a neighborhood…revitalizing a landmark…and breaking all limits of what a building can be. Collectively, they’re proof not only of the golden age of architectural ingenuity in which we currently find ourselves but also of our desire to be dazzled, to be made to look again at a place we thought we knew.”

You might want to reroute your next trip to include a visit to see:

Cumulus (Nordborg, Denmark)
Exhibit hall at Danfoss Universe (a science and technology museum)—designed by Berlin-based architect Jürgen Mayer H.

Burj Dubai (Dubai)
World’s tallest building, still under construction—designed by Chicago-based architect Adrian Smith

Wembley Stadium (London)
Sports stadium—designed by British architect Sir Norman Foster

New Museum (New York City)
Contemporary art museum—designed by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA)

Kogod Courtyard (Washington DC)
Canopy of glass and steel above the Old Patent Office Building courtyard—again designed by British architect Sir Norman Foster

Red Ribbon (Qinhuangdao, China)
Steel bench that runs through a riverbank garden—designed by Beijing-based architectural firm Turenscape

The Crystal (Toronto)
New entryway and exhibit space at the Royal Ontario Museum—designed by American architect Daniel Libeskind

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