Roomshares Abroad and Online Classifieds

Looking for a roommate (or, as they say in France, a coloc)?  If you’re in France, specifically Paris, and can, you know, speak French, consider using Appartager, a wonderful website designed to help roommates find other roommates in some of the most desirale locations in Europe.  Ever wanted to live in the 19th arondissement, or get a little bedsit in Cannes?  This website’s your key.

For Europe, the Americas, and India, consider VivaStreet, which is a bit more like craigslist, in that they list EVERYTHING, not just roomshares.  The listings are divided by country, and then by topic, and there are news listings every day (like craigslist).  If you already found a roommate and now need a place for both of you to take dance classes?  VivaStreet.

(hints via the marvelous Colleen, who used both websites to find accommodations in Lille, France)(and photo via mslmorris from Photobucket)

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4 Responses to “Roomshares Abroad and Online Classifieds”

  1. Benny the Irish polyglot Says:

    Good tips! Definitely the best sites for France 🙂
    But for a lot of other European countries Kijiji is actually much more popular than Vivastreet. The list at the bottom of the page for that link gives European countries. In Spain for example their site loquo has provided me with students for my English classes, countless apartments and sources for buying things second hand, in Valencia and in Tenerife (and they have a specific site for most cities, as Craigslist does in North America). Also provided by Kijiji is Ireland’s gumtree, which no flat-hunter in Dublin can live without.
    And sometimes it’s not so easy to categorise; the best site for finding flats and general info etc. in Prague (in English) is the independent site It’s hard to make a sweeping statement about one site applying to all countries, so asking travellers who have been to that country is usually best 😉

  2. Kelly Says:

    Any hints for Australia and the east coast area?

  3. Liv Says:

    Thanks for the tip; moving to Dublin in September so every connection helps!

  4. Says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. It’s bad enough when you’re moving from state to state and you’re in need of housing. Couldn’t imagine going abroad and having to deal with finding housing. The laws are different from the U.S. so one must take that into consideration, especially if you want to buy property. Checked out gumtree…very cool site.