Rolf’s Laos story in January Conde Nast Traveler

I haven’t seen it yet (and thus I don’t even know the official title of the article), but my story on adventure travel in Laos is featured in the January 2003 edition of Conde Nast Traveler. The story documents a late 2000 expedition that journeyed into the Khammouan Biodiversity Conservation Area in the mountains of central Laos. I’ll comment more on this article when I actually get the chance to see the published edit (likely mid-January, when I return to the United States), but for now, here’s my old Laos Gallery of amateur photos that I took during the trip. The photos that accompany the Conde Nast story were taken by the renowned Norwegian photographer Knut Bry (I hear they turned out great, but I’m curious to see for myself!).

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