send a postcard, get a postcard

It’s only because a postcard arrived for me in the mail recently that I realized—I hardly ever get postcards!

They’ve gone the way of Tweets and Facebook updates, haven’t they? Sure, the social media versions may be more immediate and link to 30 photos instead of just one. But there’s something nice about a tangible card—knowing that it was chosen and was sent the distance just for you.

That’s also why I liked hearing about the website

Postcrossing is a community of postcard giving and receiving. Once you register and request to send a postcard, another member’s address is sent to you. Just write out a postcard and send it off in the mail. The great thing: once the recipient registers your postcard (with a special code), your name gets entered as the next person in line to receive a postcard. It’s like paying it forward. If you’re hoping for a postcard from a particular destination or featuring a certain photo, you can request that in a direct swap.

The website just turned 4 years-old this month—it started in July 2005. And it’s still growing, now with more than 113,000 members in 196 countries.

Granted, it is a little different than a normal postcard in the mail. Usually, half of the fun is knowing that a friend is enjoying his/her travels. But then again, I also like getting to know a new place and the people there.

Has anybody else used Postcrossing before?

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