Philip Caputo on the modern definition of “adventure travel”

“‘Adventure travel’ is a term I’m not entirely fond of, but I suppose we need it to distinguish modern modes of travel from those that entail some risk and hardship. By that definition, the act of getting from Point A to Point B on land or sea was an adventure for all travelers before the inventions of the steamship, the automobile, and the passenger plane, before there was a multibillion dollar tourist industry to make even remote corners of the world accessible and comfortable, before the United States was spanned by interstate highways with convenient rest stops, motorist call-boxes, and franchise eateries offering high-fat ‘Happy Meals.'”
–Philip Caputo, In the Shadows of the Morning (2002)

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3 Responses to “Philip Caputo on the modern definition of “adventure travel””

  1. kate Says:

    Is there an address where i could contact Philip Cpauto, author of ‘a rumour of war’?

  2. Rolf Says:

    You might try his publisher. They will probably have a PR person who can put you in touch with him.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Try his publisher? Like send a letter or email or something? I Also wanted to contact Philip Caputo. “A Rumor of War” changed my life.