New Year’s resolutions for a long long term traveler

Like the counting down of the second hand of a clock before it strikes midnight, the year is coming to a close. Every year at this time, I tend to wake up earlier.

I grab a cup of coffee and find myself staring out the window of wherever I happen to be in the world. As the steam rises from the cup in my hands, I can’t help but reflect on my greatest joys and … Read more »

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Want to travel? Wait until you are old

old travel thumbAs I was sitting in Patan’s Durbar Square a few weeks ago, I noticed a couple elder tourists escorted by a guide: they were taking pictures, bending into unnatural shapes. The DSLR cameras they were shooting with looked like some sort of futuristic gear they could barely handle. They seemed quite clumsy and out of place, as they had been cut out from … Read more »

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A winter-summer in San Diego, California

sandiegothumbThe 5th of December marks a year ago that we left New York for the west coast. Thinking we’d stick it out for three months of a warmer winter, it’s now been a year and we’ve yet to return permanently. Trading scarves and gloves for flip-flops and endless Vitamin D was a fabulous decision for both our respiratory systems and attitudes. There’s got to be a … Read more »

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Are Travel Bloggers Journalists?

About a year ago, I received an email from a woman whose name I didn’t know and cannot now recall. The crux of her dogmatic email was to “inform” me of the true definition of a journalist, and why a travel blogger/writer should not be so presumptuous as to use that title. I replied that I had never used that title, that I considered myself a travel writer. She replied, “Oh, I thought you were … Read more »

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Volunteering for backpackers: Finding free, flexible opportunities

volunteerthumbIf you’ve searched for volunteer abroad opportunities, you’ve undoubtedly learned that volunteering doesn’t often come free. You’ve likely come across many, many organizations that charge fees, often upward of $1,500 per week, to cover accommodation, food and support of a coordinator for the volunteer experience.

Sections like, “Why should I pay to volunteer?,” are featured so prominently on these organizations’ websites that it’s obvious they get these … Read more »

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Indonesia’s gili islands

The Gili islands consist of three small tropical paradises, each with its own personality. The islands are just northwest of the larger island of Lombok. Gili Trawangan is perfect if you’re looking to party and make new friends. Good for backpackers, Gili T has a wealth of bars, parties, and magic mushrooms. Gili Meno is in the middle, is almost deserted, and is perfect for a quiet visit if you’re looking to pass out on … Read more »

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Vagabonding Case Study: Sebastian Cuevas

Sebastián Cuevas of Between Distancesunnamed

Age: 31

Hometown: Born in San Diego, raised in Guadalajara.

Quote: “En aquel tiempo yo tenía veinte años y estaba loco. Había perdido un país pero había ganado un sueño. Y si tenía ese sueño lo demás no importaba.” Roberto Bolaño (“Back then I was 20 and was mad. I had lost a country but won a dream. And if … Read more »

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Review: Osprey Kestrel 48 backpack and how to choose a great backpack

backpack thumbA good backpack can make or break a trip. Drenching rain, language barriers, delayed flights — you can weather all with humor and go-get-’em attitude.

But a good backpack is the foundation upon which your trip rests. It holds your entire life in one place. It protects it. Sometimes you wear it so often it feels like another appendage.

That’s why it’s important to take some … Read more »

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