(Over)loaded around the world


One of the most vivid shocks for first-time travelers in the developing world is witnessing the human capacity to load vehicles with far more people or supplies than one would think is logistically possible. I still recall the amazement I felt when I first witnessed a family of five perched atop a single 100cc motorcycle in Vietnam, a truck piled with three stories of sugarcane in Peru, or a minivan stuffed with nearly two-dozen people in Egypt.

Recently, via BoingBoing, I discovered a website that pays homage to the remarkable human ability to creatively overload vehicles. Located at Ezprezzo.com, the Overloaded page can be found here.

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  1. Adam Shalaby Says:

    I remember driving along a highway/elevated road in Cairo with my cousin and riding on a motorbike beside us was an entire family. The dad was driving with his 5 or 6 year-old son sitting between him and the handlebars. His wife was sitting sideways with her legs dangling over one side as she held an infant. The family dog was in a basket hanging off the handlebars. I’ll never forget that site! Nor the gentleman who rode his bike using one arm as his other arm steadied the massive amounts of pita bread on a 4×4 footplatform balanced on his head.