Online travel guide SixNewThings keeps you up on what’s new in North America

Killing any excuse for having nothing to do this weekend, Web site sifts through all the latest restaurant, museum and what-have-you openings to bring you the best of what’s new in North America. All hail the information age.

Each month, 6NT reports on (you guessed it) six new things of interest to curious travelers in each of the 70 cities they cover. If you’re traveling to one of those cities, 6NT is a good thing to browse before you go. But check their listings for your own city, too. According to the site’s FAQ, 6NT’s founders’ various connections feed them with tips – especially restaurants and exhibitions – that sometimes don’t turn up even in local papers.

Also worth a look is 6NT’s best-of list, “2007’s 12 most intruiging new things“. Among them: the sure-to-be-controversial Creation Museum in Ohio, the re-development of, like, half of downtown Kansas City and that skywalk in the Grand Canyon you’ve probably been hearing about. Journey-worthy stuff, all.

Clicking through the pages for just the first two cities that came to mind (Chicago and New Orleans), I found plenty more to covet. Chicago’s world-class Field Museum just opened a new exhibition, “The Ancient Americas”, that tells the story of native Americans from the first hunter gatherers to the Incan and Aztec empires, for instance. And New Orleaners can thank the people of France for their gift of the exhibit “Four Hundred Years of French Presence in Louisiana” to the Historic New Orleans Collection.

To access most of 6NT’s content, you’ll need to register. Don’t worry, it’s free.

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