Online marketing solutions for vagabonding businesses

Many vagabonders have at least dreamed of running a business that can be managed from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Whether in the jungles of Borneo, the vast Gobi desert, or the ancient city of Petra, it’s business as usual. However, these road warrior venturists have one unique struggle: how to drum up new business while on the road?

In September, Alison conducted a fascinating interview with Ingo Fast, discussing how he takes his illustration business on the road. He mentions the difficulty of marketing while on the road, saying, “I simply couldn’t focus [as] well on promoting my work as I usually do…” However, there are solutions to this problem.

Internet marketing companies such as AdPropel and Spot Runner can help increase online exposure for vagabonders on the road or business leaders sitting in their corporate offices. These sites are an excellent solution for someone who is on the road because they require relatively little maintenance from the advertiser and work to effectively increase internet traffic and business promotion.

Of course, there are still other strategies to drum up new business. Lea covered some of these in May, including resources such as: industry forums,Twitter, blogs, and LinkedIn.

Combined with professional conferences, a quality website, and of course word-of-mouth advertising, a business can grow and flourish, even when a small business owner is shark diving in South Africa or trekking off into the great unknown.

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