Life in a Day

One film that vagabonders, or armchair vagabonders, may be interested in is the YouTube film “Life in a Day”.

The day in question is July 24th 2010, when people were asked to go out with their cameras and film some footage that encapsulated their life on that particular day. The film isn’t shot with Hollywood caliber cameras, yet it retains a surprisingly clear resolution throughout.

Over 80,000 submissions came in from 192 … Read more »

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STA’s summer 2010 interns


Several months ago, Vagablogging reminded readers that STA travel was again accepting applications for their Summer Intern Positions and encouraged everyone to get out there and apply. Well, now the lucky winners have been chosen and have been on the road and reporting since the end of May.

This year’s itinerary is … Read more »

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Looking at the long term impact of backpackers

We like to think that as we travel the world, we leave it as we left it or better. However, an upcoming documentary by Pegi Vail, an anthropologist from Columbia University, looks at the impact that decades of backpackers have had on cultures, economy, and the environment in parts of Thailand, Mali, and Bolivia. A cautionary tale, GRINGO TRAILS is currently Read more »

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Steven McCurdy’s A Year in Italy

A Year in Italy If you’re attracted to travel writing of a more personal nature, you might be interested in Steven McCurdy’s film A Year in Italy. McCurdy’ film is a 2 disk, 4 hour piece that spans the breadth of his experience in Italy.

Rather than meticulously ticking off must-see destinations and facts about Italy, McCurdy’s film … Read more »

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