Who’s too cool for audio tours?

Headphones are often criticized as one of the fastest ways to close yourself off to a culture. The bell of the rickshaw about to run you over is no match for speakers in your ear blasting, well, anything. However, if you’re going to trade local sounds for an MP3, why not expand your knowledge of a place with a few tracks from the audio tour underground?

This ain’t … Read more »

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Visiting “The Other Iraq”

Towers of Lalish Towers of Lalish. Photo by Lucina Kathmann

The Middle East has always been one of those areas that intrigued me. I was surprised to read that there is even a nascent tourism industry in Iraq, of all places.

Iraqi Kurdistan has been promoting itself as “The Other Iraq,” and with good reason. Kurdistan operates with a high degree of autonomy from the … Read more »

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Chris Guillebeau launches “How to Become a Travel Ninja”

In his blog, The Art of Nonconformity, Chris Guillebeau often writes about his trips around the world and the travel hacks he’s learned along the way. Most of his ideas, both about travel and life, are unconventional and worth looking into. Whether he’s staying in his hometown or traveling around Southeast Asia, he always seems to possess the spirit of mindful travel.

For a well-traveled guy like Chris, it … Read more »

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