How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: a new Ebook from Nomadic Matt

Many Vagablogging readers are familiar with Matt Kepnes, or Nomadic Matt. Kepnes’s website is packed full of information on travel deals, travel tips, travel guides, and loads of interesting travel tales suited to any genre. Now Kepnes has taken the next step and has published his own Ebook.

Kepnes’s book is a smooth read. Even over the details of dollars, budgets, and … Read more »

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New budget travel options in Korea

Those vagabonders funding their travels by working abroad in Korea, or those simply traveling through the country, will be happy to hear of Air Asia’s new service to Korea. Korea has rested infuriatingly outside of the budget travel loop for quite some time. However, in November of last year, Air Asia began offering flights from Seoul … Read more »

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What $1 buys you around the world

One U.S. dollar

A $1 bill. Photo: Creative Commons

One of the central tenets of vagabonding is that travel doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, going abroad can be far cheaper than your monthly housing and car costs at home.

Lonely Planet called on its readers to send in their tips on what $1 buys around the world. Replies poured in from nomads from all … Read more »

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Five “trouble spots” that are okay to visit

As usual, the media is full of stories of disasters rocking foreign countries.  For a good status report, check out this CNNMoney article: 5 tourist spots in turmoil.

Savvy travelers are cashing in on the deep discounts being offered by travel providers.  I know an American expat in Thailand who’s been booking Air Asia flights like crazy to take advantage of cheap flights to Chiang Mai and the Thai islands.

South Korea has … Read more »

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Specialists hunt for exotic building materials around the world

As more people travel, they want to bring home the experience by “globalizing” their houses. To help, they hire special contractors who scour the world for rare and exotic building materials. In this New York Times article, they come off as a blend of Indiana Jones and Philippe Starck:

Trophy hunters with their eye on interiors

Also be sure to check out the great accompanying slideshow: Searching the globe for authentic materials.

How … Read more »

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Traveling vans in Oceania

After my previous post about grey nomads here in Australia, you might be inspired to travel by caravan…only you’re not grey.  You might be nomadic, though.  In which case, perhaps you might want to investigate the following: small campervans made out of DIThemselves converted minivans.  These wee inclusive vehicles include a queensize foldout mattress, fridge, stove, cutlery, bedding, storage, and in the case of the one I got, a DVD player and choice of free … Read more »

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Eurolines: Budget travel options in Europe

Recently here in Vagablogging we talked about train travel in Europe, and the pros and cons of certain money saving options. Every year it seems like it gets harder and harder to travel Europe on the cheap. For those travelers looking for a way around those heavy train ticket prices, you might want to check out Eurolines. Booking with this bus service will significantly reduce the price of overland travel throughout … Read more »

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Budget Airlines in Europe


After two months of living in Asia, I’m finally starting to feel settled. My mind is no longer preoccupied with the endless details of moving to another country, and I can finally get down to business and start asking the important questions. Is there a doctor’s office close to where I live or work? What is the system … Read more »

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Eurail passes: Great deal or big scam?

Train Office

Most travelers are familiar with the slew of European rail passes offered through Eurail or through your local STA agent. Travelers can purchase country specific passes, lump a few countries together on one pass, or even purchase a “global pass”.

Country specific passes are available for 17 European countries, allowing travelers to really … Read more »

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Low cost Asian airlines go mainstream

Every once in a while, I’ll meet grizzled older travelers who talk about traveling in Southeast Asia before the advent of Air Asia. It was either spend ridiculous amounts on flying or spending 10+ hours on a rickety bus.

Budget airlines were once a secret of the locals and savvy backpackers. Now they’ve become much more accepted. This NY Times article promises to give them much wider exposure: … Read more »

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