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Airfare is most likely going to be the biggest budget item for your long-term trip, and we at BootsnAll would like to simplify it for you.

When someone decides to go vagabonding and travel the world, dreams of white sand beaches, mountain tops, temples, and the aromas of local cuisine fill the mind. Travelers envision all the people they’ll meet and the things they’ll … Read more »

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The death of the mile high club

Take off...

I want to take this opportunity to declare that the Mile-High Club is, for all practical purposes, defunct. Much like the practice of phrenology or the fad for goldfish swallowing, the notion of having sex on commercial airplanes is no longer worthy of serious consideration.

Before I get inundated with angry e-mails accusing me of being a prude, let me be clear … Read more »

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The best mileage program for wanderlusters who want to see more of the world on a budget

These days there are more and more loyalty programs popping up in every part of our financial lives. Gas stations, grocery stores, heck even ice cream parlors have rewards systems now. But even in the travel arena alone it can be overwhelming how many options there seem to be.

So for the sake of frequent flyers wishing to start taking advantage of all that time in the air, I’d like to offer 5 reasons travel-addicts … Read more »

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How bank points can be the best for free flights.

Most people are somewhat familiar with the concept of collecting frequent flier miles. My husband and I have built our whole travel strategy around frequent flier miles in fact, but there’s another travel reward currency with huge benefits once you understand how it works.

Bank points.  Specifically I’m referring to “American Express Membership Rewards” and “Chase Ultimate Rewards.”

First lets go over what these points are and how to earn them.  Then, we’ll take a … Read more »

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7 things that will help you understand using travel rewards cards to your advantage


From the very beginning of our travel together, my husband and I have done all of our international flying with frequent-flier-miles. With Asia and Easter Island both on our itinerary for our first gap-year of travel, crossing the distances we had in mind would have seemed financially impossible for us without frequent flier … Read more »

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“Germany’s second-largest airline has become a mesmerizing spectacle of shaming and apology.”

Air Berlin plane

We’ve all heard horror stories from our friends—and have many of our own—about certain airline experiences. With the sheer volume of flights scheduled around the world on any given day, it is a statistical certainty that there will be the occasion snafu, and sometimes it’s your flight’s turn to have the bad day, and sometimes … Read more »

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Child Free Flights: How the childless can be less of a pain in the… rear.

Air Asia has just announced that that they will be offering child-free quiet zones on some of their flights. As someone well out of the baby-toting years of parenthood, I can see how this will be appreciated by the many folks on flights who don’t have toddlers and don’t “hear the music” as my husband puts … Read more »

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BootsnAll introduces world’s first multi-country flight finder

Vagabond – a person, usually without a permanent home, who wanders from place to place; nomad.

While vagabonders may not have a permanent home, they do still need a way to get around. Most of us vagabonders who decide to take off, whether it’s for a couple months, a year, or permanently, utilize some combination of flights, buses, trains, and any other number of ways to get from point A to point B.

If you’ve … Read more »

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Flying domestically (usa) with a service dog

Flying with your Service Dog takes a bit of pre-planning. Most airlines require 48 hours advance notice about your canine partner. Initially tickets can be booked online through a collective search website like CheapOair. Before purchasing tickets, check out the Airlines direct website for Service Animal rules. Under Federal Law airlines are required to allow Service Animals but a few are friendlier about it than others.

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