New online reality series “Gap Year”

Coming soon to online is yet another round-the-world adventure that I wish I would’ve had the foresight to apply for. “Gap Year” is not only hosted by the social networking community Bebo, it’s interactive with it.

Of the six participants in the reality series, only three have been announced: from the US, Canada, and New Zealand. But we’re still waiting to hear who will be representing the remaining Bebo territories: Ireland, the UK, and Australia.

We won’t be waiting too long—they all start their travels on May 21. During their six-month “journey of adventure and discovery,” they’ll be competing in challenges while trotting around the globe.

And that’s where the interactive bit comes in: you can cast your votes every week to influence their trips and their challenges. Exactly how much influence, it’s hard to say, since their itinerary is already touted to include: Iceland, South Africa, the Amazon, Russia, Machu Picchu, Vienna, the Himalayas, the Burning Man Festival (Nevada), and a Full Moon Party (Thailand).

Or else, if you’ve got local knowledge, share it. Or if you’re in their area, meet up with them. Throughout, you can follow their progress through blogs, photos, maps, and videos. All through Bebo, of course.

Bebo is a social networking website of 40 million people—400 of whom sent in video applications to vie for the six spots in the series.

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